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   solid wood composite class [19/01/18 03:42AM]   
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solid wood composite class

flooring, the next two years more down , The faster growth is solid wood composite class, which is now a state of the floor, from the next decade how we think of the development of the industry, it should be said from big to strong, may be the basic characteristics of a development of the industry . So for the first ten years we have a basic ...

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   anti-subsidy investigations and reviews [12/01/18 04:55AM]   
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anti-subsidy investigations and reviews

departments such as the Bureau of Fair Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, Yan Jarong actively answered the case and achieved good results. In September 2004, at the initiative of Unilin Corporation, Canada launched an anti-dumping / countervailing investigation on the Chinese floor. In the end, Yanjialong became the only Chinese...

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   Price proofing 'war, making sales [02/01/18 07:15AM]   
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Price proofing 'war, making sales

to contemporary needs and timely changes. Traditional solid wood furniture, technology and texture in many consumers appear to be as usual, or even conservative, then to veneer furniture represented by the rapid occupation of new markets. Now the veneer has long been divided according to the material is divided into ordinary veneer,...

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   flooring and other building materials [09/11/17 04:21AM]   
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flooring and other building materials

pattern, closer to nature, 'green out of blue, but better than blue', strengthen the floor will be inspired by solid wood, but its use of performance and environmental Aspects will go beyond the solid wood flooring. At the same time also add new features, such as reducing noise, antibacterial and health care function 'infrared' radiation...

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   wood deep processing projects [18/09/17 04:23AM]   
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wood deep processing projects

Japan to introduce the first domestic formaldehyde-free floor automatic production lines, environmental protection products to achieve the world's leading standards. At present, Jinqiao won the national level at all levels of management and industry associations a high degree of recognition and extensive praise: the solid wood flooring national...

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flooring and other building materials
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