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   wood deep processing projects [18/09/17 04:23AM]   
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wood deep processing projects

Japan to introduce the first domestic formaldehyde-free floor automatic production lines, environmental protection products to achieve the world's leading standards. At present, Jinqiao won the national level at all levels of management and industry associations a high degree of recognition and extensive praise: the solid wood flooring national...

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   flooring imported from some countries [05/09/17 04:04AM]   
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flooring imported from some countries

departments to contact the countervailing and then investigate the government departments to investigate the questionnaire.High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider The US International Trade Commission has initially considered imposing ...

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   low-quality products [24/08/17 04:01AM]   
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low-quality products

their own brands, today you can see, find these spokesmen, mainly want to own Brand to do it. With the previous practice is not the same. I also chose a little better, not too big, but good faith to do small size to do. Operation for more than six months should be good or bad. Focus home network reporter: Please tell us about the operation of the...

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   single laminate flooring brand suddenly [17/08/17 04:40AM]   
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single laminate flooring brand suddenly

time, large enterprises can also accelerate the development of high-tech content of new products to obtain a reasonable profit. Experts believe that enterprises and enterprises now more and more intense competition between products, enterprises want to do well,Outdoor...

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   flooring industry is labor-intensive industries [14/08/17 08:38AM]   
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flooring industry is labor-intensive industries

high-tech industries, including furniture, flooring and so on. Flooring industry is a new industry. Today, China has become the world floor processing base and the big market, in the formation of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and Liaoning four industrial areas. Vinyl...

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